About Escargot

Escargot is a service built to recreate the original MSN Messenger service after Microsoft shut the service down. Currently we are still working on supporting every version of MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, but we still have a lot of work to do. You can learn a bit more on our home page

Special Thanks

A special thanks to the people that made certain things possible for Escargot, inside and out of the development team.
Without them, Escargot wouldn't be as complete and powerful, along with being enjoyable, as it is today.

Tristan Charbonnier (tristanleboss)
For research info MSN Messenger's msidcrl authentication library, SOAP service information, creating a replacement sound server for Messenger Plus! (now replaced by internally created one) and a patch for the software as well. He also patched Mercury Messenger and reverse engineered the services used for MSN's App Directory.
Oscar Alonso (Cuki87)
Assistance with WLM 2009 support, specifically for it's Circles/Groups feature, and help in reverse engineering MSN's App Directory service.
Mateus Rick
Created sound server patch for Messenger Plus! Live (later replaced with our own).
Repackage the Messenger Plus! 3 installer, and also for creating such a cool application in the first place.
Aiding us with our issue of installing WLM '09 and getting it to work.
Logo design.
Creating some of the graphics used on this web site.
There's really too much to list, but, we'll try anyway: uncovering the text ad system, initial Yahoo! Messenger support, WLM 2009 support, MSN App Directory, and keeping the project going well beyond the call of duty.
Basically everything else, but primarily improving a lot of code, moving to a less ridiculous database, fixing the web site, and overall helping the service move forward from the rut it was in for a couple of years.

...and finally, a big thanks to our ever-so-expanding community and userbase.