Escargot Switcher

Escargot Switcher is a DLL component we've developed for patching supported clients. Switcher dynamically controls any appropriate internet requests passed and re-routes them to our servers. Currently our patch only supports Windows XP and higher, but this could change in the future to support older Windows versions.

If you're patching a client by yourself, then we offer the base DLL and a configuration file you can modify for your targeted client. Note that when copying the configuration, make sure its file name is <module name>-escargot.ini, with <module name> representing the full name of the program you're patching, including extension (e.g., msnmsgr.exe-escargot.ini), and the type value is appropriately set so that the client's components will be able to load the Switcher component when patched.

Debug options are discussed in the FAQ.

Download DLL + base configuration file (.ZIP)

Importing the DLL into your target application

To import Switcher into the executable(s) of your target client, assuming you've copied them DLL and INI files as specified in the patching guides, open the target executable(s) in a PE editor, one that we recommend being Stud_PE.

For the executables you plan to patch, find the option to import the DLL, locate where you copied the DLL, and after selecting it import the function "ImportMe" from it and save changes. If you're using Stud_PE, for example, you'd open the executable you want to modify in it (Windows 7+ users, run the editor as admin first as otherwise it won't have sufficient permissions to open files in restricted areas such as Program Files), go to the "Functions" tab, right click on the left pane, select "Add New Import", select the DLL file in the directory you copied it in, and then select the ImportMe function and apply changes.