Modernization is over, a new era is beginning

Modernization is over. If your account does not end in, you have missed your opportunity to modernize -- and so if you missed the final window to modernize, we're sorry.

You can register again at any time, but you will have to find your contacts again.

We have had notices for three months, we have given alerts, sent IMs, even sent emails to the most active accounts, but for some reason despite all this, some people simply never modernized even when bothered by an IM every 30 seconds telling them to do so. Therefore, if you didn't modernize and you have signed on to MSN in the last three months, you really have no one to blame but yourself.

The good news is, this opens the door for many more opportunities now that we have a lot of stuff cleaned out of our databases. Keep an eye out for more things coming soon, such as addresses and email forwarding for people who donate -- and we still need donations to keep things running.

If you're wondering about why modernization happened, you can read the old Modernize yourself! news article.

You may also now login with your Escargot username to Yahoo! 6 as well.

More to come very soon!